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Re-seat bullets after crimping?

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I made a mistake loading some new 230gn bullets, and I'm looking for advice on how to best resolve it.

The profile on these new bullets is different than what I was using before, and the loaded cartridge won't chamber because the bullet is hitting the lands. If I re-seat the bullets down from 1.24" OAL to 1.20, they feed fine, but the re-seating process scrapes a ring of lead off the bullet (see below). I can easily scrape the lead off the cartridge, but I'm concerned about leading the barrel if I shoot these.

I have about 300 of these to fix.

Would you pull them all and start over, or just shoot them and plan to scrub the barrel? I'll just use this batch for monthly matches either way, and I'm not concerned about pressures increasing as I'm still well within published loading data.

Thanks for any advice.


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I'd just scrape that lead ring and shoot 'em.  Happens to one or two a hundred that I load if the slug starts slightly cocked. But then, I run lubed slugs.  Worst it will do is give you some leading in front of the chamber. It'll clean up with some bronze wool on a brush.  Barrel leading is not something to be terrified of - very easy to clean out of a 1911.

If you pull 'em, you're tossing out, what, $40-50 worth of bullets.

Good reminder - hardly any .45 RN bullets have exactly the same ogive profile.  Always worth chamber checking every time you get a different vendor's slugs.

good luck, GJ



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