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Time to reload for WB

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I'd NOT use any 255 grain bullets in the .45 AUTO cartridge (aka, .45 ACP).   It's too long to fit in the case without bulging many cases.  SWC bullet design will feed in a well-throated 1911, but often jam up a factory, non-tuned 1911 by failing to feed up the feed ramp and into the chamber.   And of course, you would not find that SWC bullet to feed well in a lever rifle, either.  That is a bullet you might as well try to trade for something that will work much better.  So, nope, I'll not even suggest a 255 grain recipe in the .45 auto.

So, pick a 230 grain round nose, or 230 grain truncated cone, or a 200 grain truncated cone if you want no hassles with jamming during feeding.  If you like a polymer coated bullet, the pistol is a great place to use it, as you will only do maybe half as much pistol cleaning.

Bullseye and Unique have been launching 1911 loads since about 1920s, and still work wonderfully today.  Save your Blue Dot - too slow.  Save your Trail Boss for Cowboy - it's soon to disappear because of end of Australian production.

good luck, GJ


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For several years I used a 200 gr SWC in my Wild Bunch pistol ammo.  My pistol feeds them but some do not.

Some shooters whose opinion I respect advocate a 230 gr round nose bullet which may generate less muzzle flip than a 200 gr bullet at the 750fps (plus, for margin of error) to make the 150 power factor.  I honestly can’t tell a lot of difference at my shooting level but if it feeds better that’s reason enough to go with a lead bullet that duplicates the dimensions of the “ball” ammo the gun was designed to shoot.

Goal one for success in WBAS is a pistol/ammo combination that RUNS.

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