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1911 holster question

Deacon KC

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Okay, a question for the collective minds here. Going to be either making or buying a holster for WB, I was reading the rules on pages 16 & 17 and can find nothing similar to the restrictions on pistol height on the belt. Are there requirements/restrictions I am missing?

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No, no height restrictions for holster or they would be in the rules.

Remember to keep it simple.  In WB, holster holds the 1911 till you need it, lets you draw cleanly, and you reholster off the clock.


Hard to beat something about like this:


Note the ejection port is covered, trigger covered (mostly) and the front drops half inch or so, for a little faster draw.  Open toe.  This one puts the grip just above the belt, letting fingers have clear access.   Make enough mag holders to carry 6.    Whether you like some rifle or shotgun shells on your gun belt (I don't), you will need to consider how you will carry some.  Slides work for some folks.   A separate belt just for a few S/G and a few rifle seems overkill to me. 

good luck, GJ

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