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Sold - Long Range Rifle 1885 40-65

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Browning Model 1885 BPCR in 40-65, vernier tang sight and bullet mold for asking $2,200. plus shipping.

Clean bore.  Wear as noted in pictures.

Please PM me if your interested with your contact information so I can calculate shipping.


Browning vernier tang sight set, upgraded rear sight to Lee Shafer variable aperture sight.

One set of front globe sight inserts



RCBS Mold Handles and Two Bullet MEI (Meister Bullet) aluminum mold – casts ~406gr w/30:1 alloy with the proper diameter .410”



I used it to shoot long range Silhouettes.   Road Rash – top of receiver and part of barrel.   I was shooting on a concrete shooting bench when the rifle rolled off the carpet on to the bench



Ships in a Plano Air Glide rifle case to protect the rifle.

A 1.jpg

A 2.jpg

B 1.jpg

B 2.jpg

B 3.jpg

B 4.jpg

B 5.jpg

C 0.jpg

C 1.jpg

C 2.jpg

C 3.jpg

C 4.jpg

C 5.jpg

D 1.jpg

D 2.jpg

D 3.jpg

D 4.jpg

D 5.jpg

E 1.jpg

M 1.jpg

M 2.jpg

m 3.jpg

R 1.jpg

R 2.jpg

R 3.jpg

S 1.jpg

S 2.jpg

Z 1.jpg

Z 2.jpg

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