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2023 California State Championship, and Western SASS Territorial. Nov 16-18, 2023

Tully Mars

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Hi all,

Come join us for the 2023 California State Wild Bunch Championship and 2023 Western SASS Territorial! At the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, CA. 

We'll have 10 fast to challenging stages and side matches to shoot, and a potluck dinner.

Free dry camping, water for fill up is available at the range.



Application, https://cagunslingers.com/AnnualMatches/2023WBEntry.pdf

Flyer, https://cagunslingers.com/AnnualMatches/2023WBFlyer.pdf 

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A million thanks to Tully for picking this up, so that the most populous state in the union can have a state WB Champinship!  In addition, I've attended his matches, and they are the best, most fun, and challenging WB matches I've ever seen.  Pencils down.  Period.

Tully, if I'm not in the Antarctic, I'll be there.



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