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Les Baer Premier II Wild Bunch???

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Hey Folks,


The Wild Bunch rules are a bit complicated for a novice such as myself.  Is a Les Baer Premier II legal for Wild Bunch????  I believe I saw a thread on a here a few years ago where FJT was trying a friends out at a match, but wasn't sure.  I was thinking of picking one up, but if possible, I would like to keep with a custom 1911 that meets the Wild Bunch requirements... just in case I want to join someday.  In the alternative, do you know any other Les Baer 1911s that would be Wild Bunch compliant?... preferably one on the Ca roster. 


Thanks in advance,


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Well, according to the shooters handbook, this is a legal gun for Modern Class, as long as it doesn't exceed 42oz in weight.

The literature from Les Baer doesn't state it's weight.

As for the rules being complicated, the Firearms Covenants are pretty precise and easy to get through.

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Hi, Zolas;

After trying a Les Baer, (and watching Silvertip shoot one!) I (pardon the pun) bit the bullet, and sprung on one. 

I could not be happier with my purchase.  Prior to this, I was using a very nicely gone over Remington R 1, which worked just fine.  But, with  the Baer, there IS a difference.  Once in a while, when I went to the line with the Remington, I'd see distant targets, and hope I would hit them.  With the Baer, I KNOW that if I get a good sight picture, I will get a hit.  I 'm not any faster, but I'm a lot more confident.  Honestly.

You will have to get it resprung if you are shooting less than industry standard loads.

YMMV, but that is my experience.



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