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Les Baer Premier II Wild Bunch???


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Hey Folks,


The Wild Bunch rules are a bit complicated for a novice such as myself.  Is a Les Baer Premier II legal for Wild Bunch????  I believe I saw a thread on a here a few years ago where FJT was trying a friends out at a match, but wasn't sure.  I was thinking of picking one up, but if possible, I would like to keep with a custom 1911 that meets the Wild Bunch requirements... just in case I want to join someday.  In the alternative, do you know any other Les Baer 1911s that would be Wild Bunch compliant?... preferably one on the Ca roster. 


Thanks in advance,


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Hi, Zolas;

After trying a Les Baer, (and watching Silvertip shoot one!) I (pardon the pun) bit the bullet, and sprung on one. 

I could not be happier with my purchase.  Prior to this, I was using a very nicely gone over Remington R 1, which worked just fine.  But, with  the Baer, there IS a difference.  Once in a while, when I went to the line with the Remington, I'd see distant targets, and hope I would hit them.  With the Baer, I KNOW that if I get a good sight picture, I will get a hit.  I 'm not any faster, but I'm a lot more confident.  Honestly.

You will have to get it resprung if you are shooting less than industry standard loads.

YMMV, but that is my experience.



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