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tuning a 1911

Col Del Rio

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CDR, to get you started with your 1911 visit this forum for information (and occasionally some disinformation):




And their are others too - www.thehighroad.org






Some reputable books by Jerry Kuhnhausen:




I have done only very minor tuning, so I'm no expert but I  know enough not to  put a Dremel and a 1911 on the workbench at the same time, at my skill level.


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good info gs! CDR, the pistol might just have  super heavy springs. Might be gunked up with who knows what. before thrown  down on the kitchen table a good cleaning and different springs might go along way. also don't forget to use the best mags you can get your hands on it will solve a lot of problems. speaking of mags and I know everyone knows this already but the mags need to be taken down and scrubbed out every so often and should be treated with enough care so as not to get the sides bent or the lips tweeked. of course when we used to buy mags for 2.00 surplus if something happened it was just tossed now with some high quality  mags costing dang near 40.00 well its time to care for them just a little better.  dusty
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