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Stiff model 12.

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I recently picked up an old Model 12 at the local gun store.  As both of my other 12s were broke I figured I could use the backup and the price was unbeatable (I could easily part it out for a lot more.)

Problem is the gun is STIFF.  It requires much more effort to cycle the action than either of my other 12s or either of my 97s.  I'm not referring to an action slide lock problem, but the actual  amount of physical effort required to pull the slide back and push it forward.

I had  my local gunsmith clean it when I bought it, but how well he knows 12s is an open question.

Any suggestions on loosening this old warrior up?

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Shoot it a lot.

But if you want faster results, look for tight rubbed spots in the blueing on the action and front end.  The worst of these, stone lightly and try again. 

If this doesn't fix things, a trip to a good Model 12 shop is probably in order.   Nu-Line in Missouri is one I have used for a major rebuild, they were "quick" and "reasonable cost."

I'd bet your gunsmith free-with-purchase cleaning involved wiping off the bolt face and running a patch or two down the barrel.  Not enough to solve stiff operation.

good luck, GJ



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