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broken extractor (Remington R1)

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I like the Wilson bulletproof extractor.    Machined from s7 tool steel.  Holds tension very well.  Run that in my guns.  Think they will replace it if you ever break it.  Doubt you will.  Worth the extra $5 or so.

Such as:


Make sure you at least get one with the Series 80 plunger retainer stud and at least forged or bar stock steel material.     

good luck, GJ

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Found their guarantee statement:


All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever

Hard to do better than that, unless you find one that says they will refund any match fees on the day it broke - in addition to a replacement part.  😄





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I've found that, even with recent advances in metallurgy, tool steel ends up being more impact and wear resistant than even the "knife blade" stainless steels.  Otherwise, die cutting and stamping tools would be made with stainless.

Even my pocket knives are alloy steel rather than stainless.

So, if you want to exact match an otherwise stainless gun, go stainless.   Otherwise, the strongest blued steel part, bar stock or forged, is what I'd want.  And the extractor in 1911?  Only the rear end of it is visible to observers.   So "optics" don't matter much at all on that part.

good luck, GJ


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