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California State Wild Bunch Match Info

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This has been a busy year, but the plans are done and the parts are getting assembled!

The 2023 California State WB Match will be held at Panorama Sportsman's Club, long time home of the Northfield Raid.  Here is a preliminary match outline:

California State Wild Bunch 2023


MAIN MATCH: 10 Stages:

Round Count:

Pistol                     Rifle               Shotgun

21                           7                             6

14                           10                           6

21                           10                           6

28                           7                             5

14                           10                           6

21                           10                           6

28                           07                           7

21                           07                           2+

21                           10                           5

28+                           0                              8

217 + P                 78 R                        57 SG


NOTE: There are several stages where the shooter may elect to use the 1911 in lieu of the rifle, so if you choose to do so, please adjust your ammo count accordingly.

There will be a chronograph station, and shooters will be selected at random, or by challenge.


Side matches:

Speed Rifle:                        7

Speed Pistol:                      14

Speed Shotgun:                  6

Team Shoot:                   AMAN

Speed Pistolero Stage:       6

Top Gun shoot off: 21P/10R/5SG

All Categories will be honored, plus OPEN Category for OPEN Shooters

 You will find an entry form here: (Sorry the club is not yet set up for online sales...)


Hope you can make it; this match will be fast, fun, and challenging!

Frederick Jackson Turner



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