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45 Colt options for Traditional Wild Bunch

Johnny Knight

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Hi all,

Thought I would toss out a question.  I'm looking to pick up a 1911 for shooting wild bunch in the traditional category.  I want to go with a Colt, just for nostalgia if nothing else.  In looking through the rules, it looks like a Colt Classic model should meet all the requirements, but I didn't know if there are any other models I should be looking at?  Also, are there some generations or model years that are better than others?  Aside from general slicking up the gun, is there anything else I should plan on for shooting wild bunch?  Any thoughts on stainless vs blued? Also looks like a 70 series should work for traditional?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Choice between 70 or 80 series Colts (basically with no or a firing pin block) - the type of trigger controls make little difference, perhaps adding 6 or 8 ounces to the trigger pull after tuning on the Series 80 guns.  Although it appears from a quick look-see at the catalog that you can't any longer get Series 80 guns in the government standard specs (spur hammer, no extended grip safety, fixed blade rear sights).

Yes, the Colt Classic model is the only blued finish gun that fits Traditional requirements from what I see in Colt's on-line catalog.  Stainless - the name changes to Colt Government (the old name for a standard 5" simple 1911).  Why? Hard to tell.   Maybe they roll marked a whole bunch of stainless slides that haven't sold yet and they are trying to clear the inventory...

I prefer the series 70 guns, since the trigger pull can be slightly better and there are fewer small parts to fiddle with on a complete strip of the slide. 

good luck, GJ





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Thanks Garrison Joe, looks like I'll be going with a 70 series Mark IV  Government Model O, in stainless. Found one on Gunbroker for a shade over $800.  I'll give it a once over when I get it in to smooth it up, then it will be time to put some rounds through it.  I figure as long as I'm traveling to some longer distance events, I might as well get a little more shooting in.  Picking up an 1897 12 ga. at Land Run kicked open the opportunity, so looking forward to it.



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FYI. I have two Colt current production 70 series 1911 government, one stainless,one blued.

in the stock configuration with a magazine a inserted both guns did not meet the weight requirement for wild bunch.

I had to install a aluminum mainspring housing to reduce the weight of the gun to pass weight

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