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C.N. Double

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Hi Folks,

I've made a few modifications to the calendar with the hopes that we can start using it to accurately track upcoming monthly and special matches. All members have the ability to create new events.

I'd like to propose some guidelines for creating events. I'm open to adjusting these guidelines, but any new events created without following these guidelines will be removed -- let's try to keep it consistent and clean.


The name of the event should follow this format: type - state - description
     type = 'M' for monthly or 'S' for special, which could include any annual, state, regional, etc. type match.
     state = the two-digit state code
     description = A short title to identify the club or event


So, for my monthly OPSA match, I titled the event "M - AZ - OPSA Monthly Match"

This title format allows us to quickly identify the location and type of a match as we look through the calendar, but I'm open to suggestions if something else makes more sense.

Important note on repeating events: The forums currently lack the capability to repeat an event on the same day of the month (2nd Saturday, for example). So, for now, your monthly matches will have to be put in manually every month. It doesn't look like this will be added any time soon, so we'll have to deal with it. 


I encourage all of you to post your monthly and special matches on the calendar. I took this opportunity to add my monthly OPSA match for June as well as the Bordertown WBAS side match in October. Please see these events on the calendar for hints on how to create an event with useful and complete information.

Calendar (link can be found on the top bar of any forum page):  https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/calendar/

June OPSA calendar event: https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/calendar/event/1-m-az-old-pueblo-shootists-association-monthly-match/

Bordertown WBAS Side Match: https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/calendar/event/2-s-az-bordertown-wbas-side-match/


I'll sticky this for now, but please post your comments/concerns/questions, and I'll try to address them.




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