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.44 mag lever?

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Hey wild bunch family 

Need advice on which lever gun can be slicked up the best that will run .44mag.

Marlin, what Winchester clone (1992?), Henry side gate,  Rossi 92...anything

honestly, whats best.  I'd like to buy once as my SASS .38 won't work. 

Also, Ty for the help re 1911.  Went with the Springfield garrison.  Absolutely love it. 

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Marlin guns can be made fairly slick.  Winchester 1892 designs - not so much.

Why do you think you need a .44 Mag?   .44 special or .44-40 are PLENTY of gun for Wild Bunch.   If this is also going to be a hunting gun, PERHAPS it's a reason to have one in .44 Mag.   I'd run .44 Specials in it for WB though.

good luck, GJ



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Guest Marlin

I've been using a Marlin 44 mag ,but I shoot 200 grn 44 spls in it. Works well for me. It's very accurate and feeds almost anything reliably 

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My son shoots a uberti 1873 carbine in 44mag. Slicked up and short stroked by me and I load it the same as my 44/40, with 44mag cases, not 44spl. He chose 44mag to also use it for hunting, has since gotten a Winchester 30/30, so it only gets used for SASS. Yes uberti did make a 44mag model 73. I think they discontinued, but there around. Great SASS rifle.

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I've been researching and reading a lot on this topic here and the SASS forums.  It seems the rifle is the third (dare say least important) leg of the WB stages in local club, and a "good" '92 would be fine.  I as well am considering searching for a 1892 in 44 Mag, probably a Browning B92.  I don't like safeties, rebounding mechanisms and other lawyer stuff, and the Browning sounds like the best choice w/o.  It know I will have two options to work through and test - either downloaded 44 mag cases or 44 specials.  I reload, but not in 44 cal yet.  I know 44-40 would be excellent for the 1892, but I prefer having options for use in other purposes other than WBAS.

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