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Marlin 1894 lever block

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How are you so sure it's a "stiff locking block"?  (There is no part named "lever block") It would be rather rare to have a locking block be stiff and hard to move.

Errors in reassembly are a common cause of a Marlin being stiff or even locked up.

Most of the spring resistance in a Marlin action is the mainspring (aka hammer spring).  Lighter main springs are available from several sources.  So cheap, it's not worth trying to lighten the coil mainspring yourself.

Check that the locking block really is or is not what is stiff.  Does locking block move up and down in it's track when just block, bolt and lever are installed?

Check that running the action with gun empty is stiff.  If not, but gets stiff running dummy rounds, it's the ammo or the carrier dragging on the loading gate or cartridge on the carrier.

Check internal parts for wear and gouges.  Something may have not been machined or installed correctly.

Longhunter Supply carries springs, firing pins, lots of other parts for Marlins:



good luck, GJ

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If you are thinking of the lever plunger (built into the lever's trigger guard), that has a small coil spring which helps hold the lever latched closed.    Normally that is very soft and folks don't notice it much.  If it gets jammed up or installed wrong, I guess it could provide some stiffness in the very end motion of closing the lever.   Those are available as a replacement in some hammer spring kits for a Marlin 1894.

good luck, GJ


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