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2022 Nevada State Wild Bunch


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The stages and planning for the Nevada State WB are coming together very nicely and we are starting to get excited. Please stay tuned for upcoming posts and see the opening post in this thread to a link to the applications. 

please let us know if you are planning to attend and what category you plan to shoot so that we can have the appropriate awards on hand for the awards banquet. 

we look forward to seeing you there!!!

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Exciting news Roop County Days is indeed going to follow the Nevada State Wild Bunch match and provide attendees with a week of outstanding shooting. 

The State Wild Bunch will be 10 stages of course and we are planning a 3 stage Wild Bunch side match for Roop County Days!!! That will be a total of 13 Wild Bunch Stages and 12 Cowboy stages in a week!!!! How can this be beat???

Stay tuned to this thread for an exciting offer coming soon!!!

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As promised above here is an exciting offer for Non-Nevada residents!!! Attached is a "Two for One" coupon for the Nevada State Wild Bunch Match. 

Both applications and payment for the one shoot, along with the coupon, only available here on the Wild Bunch Wire, must arrive together.

Follow the link below to download applications to both the Nevada State Wild Bunch Match and Roop County Days and enjoy a week of fantastic shooting in a great location with great people. 

NNCAS Home (northernnevadacas.com)

We offer plenty of free dry camping on the range where you can enjoy wide open views, iconic wild mustangs and awe inspiring sunsets.  We have a large pavilion to gather under for great comradery and shade in the afternoon. 

Free Shoot PDF (1).pdf

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