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Ten of the best, most fun, stages I've ever shot. All targets, very hitable, if you use your sights.

One stage had 35 knockdown targets that could be made up. Rifle was optional and no shotgun. We wanted to shoot it again, and again.

Top marks to Serenity for the stages, and all the crew for a great EOT Wild Bunch match.


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I really enjoyed the EOT wild bunch match this year.

The match ran smoothly. There were ten fun and challenging stages that require movement . None of the stages were designed with difficult target engagement order. Some targets were close and a very few were further out but overall all were at a comfortable distance. The shooters had their choice of gun order and starting position. I know on our posse that was run by Shell Stuffer we all wished that we could have shoot a couple of the stage a second time as we enjoyed the stage so much, especially the stages were we had the thirty five targets and if the shooter wished they could do it all with the pistol.

Shell stuffers grandson was with us, Stomper. Nice you man who can handle a 1911 like his grandfather.

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