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tightgroup 45acp and 45 colt load data needed


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So I scored some tightgroup today, I have a great load in 45acp using wst and a good load using clays for 45colt rifle. I don't want to use my supply of powder shooting monthly's want to save them for bigger matches like Bordertown and the New EOT. Does anyone have a good load that works? I currently use 4.2 WST in both my modern and traditional loads and 5.2 of clays in my rifle load, I did find 1/2 a pound of Unique (what I used when I 1st started SASS) I have been using in my smokeless cowboy and wild bunch rifle but that is almost gone. Any help appreciated!


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Equivalent load to your 4.2 grains WST with 230 grain bullet would be 4.6 grains TiteGroup with same bullet.  Check velocity in your 1911, though, as each gun is a little different.


The load I used for WB in .45 Colt rifle was 5.0 grain TiteGroup with 200 grain bullet.  Made about 185 PF.  As just mentioned on Cowboy wire.


good luck, GJ

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