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45-70 for Teddy Roosevelt


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So after shooting 3 stages of Teddy Roosevelt last weekend, downloading some 45-70 Gov't sounds like a great plan. I was using 405 Gr Bullet with 42.0 Gr of Varget.


I have some 300 Gr from Chey Cast and 350 Gr from Quality Cast headed my way. I was looking at Trail Boss since my 30-06 loads are a dream to shoot, thanks to Elwood. Anyone have any experience to reduce my testing spread?

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I load the 405 gr lead bullets with 13gr of TrailBoss (max recommended) and shoot  'em .  Just fired a couple of shots to check site adjustment and was done.  I would do further checking if I was shooting at a little longer range or tiny targets.  Your mileage may vary.



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When you find a Teddy Roosevelt side match shot at targets less than 12" diameter or farther set than 100 yards (meters, more or less), how about you post what club is doing that? 

It is well known that especially with cast bullet loads, each rifle has loads it shoots well and those it does not.  By us passing on loads we have actual experience with, including a standard distance group size, we probably help the shooter quickly find a load that works for THEIR rifle.

good luck, GJ

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