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Primer choice


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So I can get Federal GM 155 Match Magnum or CCI 300 primers. Will be using in 45 colt loads as well as 45 acp. I always get federal but wonder how the current CCI 300 are for hardness. My guns are not got the soft springs. (19 pounder hammer)

The spec sheet says CCI are .209 diameter and Federal are .210 diameter, does it matter?


PS, hate the new face of the cowboy wire page.

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Both primers are standard Large Pistol DIAMETER and will fit almost all brass fine.


The CCI are quite a bit harder to set off than the Federal Match Magnum.  The Match Magnum is perfectly safe in any standard pistol caliber loading. They get extra inspection attention during manufacturing. 


You MAY in the near future even need them to trade to someone who really would value the soft-hit capability of the Federals.


The Federals would be my choice right now, at even twice the price of the CCI.


Good luck, GJ



PS - I don't read the Wire for it's good looks, but for it's content.  So, meh on the change, as some would say.

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HI GJ; that is what I wish to know. CCI are 50 and GM Federal are 65. Put the E mail order in for a brick of Federal GM. plus small pistol mag. 200. What is happening to you cowboys in the south has me and others nervous. 

As we are in a COVID house arrest sorta here in Ontario, NO match's and limited club use. a few extra will last for awhile.

Thank you.

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A few months ago I did some rudimentary  brisance testing on large pistol primers. Interestingly the Federals were hotter, had greater brisance than the CCIs. Yes, I could easily tell the fired Federals, they were flatter, obviously a softer cup, but they are slightly hotter. Nothing wrong with the Es/Sd on either, and the Feds give a bit more velocity.
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