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NEW!!! Read This before Posting your Reloading Information NEW!!!

Pecos Clyde

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The reloading of ammunition carries with it a large responsibility for each individual.  Being safe in your reloading procedure is of the utmost importance, and your personal responsibility.


> Henceforth the Wild Bunch Reloading board will allow the powder charge information in reload recipes that are posted here.  Be concise, be accurate and double check your information before you post it.  For the sake of continuity please post your powder charge in grains only.  


> Those of you that read the reloading recipes posted here  have a responsibility as well.  Experienced reloaders know that the best, most current and safest reloading information available is found in the most recent release of manuals and publications printed by powder manufacturers.  The loads published in these manuals have been tested and judged safe.  Always confirm through the powder manufacturer that any given charge is safe before you begin loading your ammunition.



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