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CAMM Loads (.30 Carbine)

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What cast loads are working well for y'all?

I have H/IMR4198, Unique, Clean Shot, and WST on hand, but I'm not opposed to getting something else (if it's relatively available).

Gas checks or not?

Bullet diameter/weight?

I have some of Norm Purcella's 150gn GCFP (.309) and 170gn GCSil (.310), but I think they might be a wee bit heavy. I'm also reading that the round nose is important for proper feeding. I can get some 120gn .309 RN bullets from Bear Creek pretty easily as well, but they aren't gas-checked.

Primers? I have a handful of Fed Mag SPP, but I know the M1 Garand can sometimes set off the softer primers when it cycles -- does the M1C have the same issue? I'd guess not since there is so much less mass in the bolt group. I know .30 Carbine uses SRP, but the Fed Mag SPPs are the same.

Tell me about the crimp -- firm crimp or not?

Thanks for your help!

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We are using  12.5 296  and I think a 115 gr bullet plain base hitek coated. Correct profile. Heavier bullets 150 170 gr would be problematic.  Hey if you’re traveling to Texas just use fmj because we will be shooting moving cardboard. I would think the small mag pp would be just fine. Enough taper crimp to hold the bullet  when it feeds. I think those bullets are .309 . Make sure you go hitek !  I will check the weight in the morning as my bullets are out in my shop. Carbines are a bunch of fun! 


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